Easywall’s © is the answer for fast and affordable walls for all kind of applications. The patented system is very easy to use. Some key points of the easywall’s © system are:


  • Easy to set-up
  • Fast to set-up
  • Very flexible in dimensions.
  • Suitable for stand alone or wall mounting
  • No rubbers, hooks or other tension parts visible
  • Print can be changed without technical skills
  • Lightweight
  • very strong
  • With accessories able to use indoor and outdoor
  • Cheap to change prints


The unique thing about this wall is that it is based on a big sack what will be tightened by a patented tension system. In each corner there are 2 tension systems built in.  So at least 8 points are there to put tension on the sack an therefore you will always have a very smooth and tight finish.


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